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We're bringing some changes to the florist industry and this platform is the first step. We can't do this alone, so follow our vision and let's grow together!

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Key contacts

Jessica Lavin

  • Certified floral designer by the Ministry of Education of Mexico.
  • Teacher for 10+ years in the major Mexican floral schools.
  • Firm believer of partnerships to strengthen global floristry.
  • Promoter of the culture of research and exchange for growth.
  • Get together, grow together.

Elizabeth Ladrón de Guevara

  • Professional Floral Designer, graduated from the Ibero-American School of Floral Art (EIAF)
  • Catalan School of Floral Art approved.
  • Director of flowers and plants group in the Chamber of Commerce CDMX.
  • Participant and finalist in the Cup of the Americas of Floral Art 2011 Brazil.

Mark Doyle

  • Passionate about local businesses, skills and craftsmanship.
  • Expert in the field of florist platforms and local logistics.
  • Ex-insider with regard to local/relay/wire businesses.
  • Strong management and enterprise IT/development/web experience.
  • Get together, grow together.

Jan Huisman

  • Passionate advocate of florists.
  • Loves floriculture sector in the broadest sense.
  • Community-responsible both nationally and internationally.
  • Focused on growing together and connection.
  • Believes in true and pure craftsmanship.
  • Out of the box thinker.
  • Let's grow together.

Danié Luque

  • Young and talented floral designer
  • Studied at Escola de Disseny Floral i Paissatgisme de Catalunya
  • Passionate about flowers
  • Every corner of the world is a source of inspiration

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